May 17, 2014

[160514] Metamorphose temps de fille Patisserie Dream reservation

Series name: Patisserie Dream
Colorway: Black, Pink, blue
Reservation date: 23rd May 18:30PM (Japan time)
Arrival date: End of June ~ beginning of July

-Link to reservation page-

Print & details

Patisserie Dream Shirring Pinafore Dress 28,944 yen

Patisserie Dream Lace-up Pinafore Dress 26,784 yen

Patisserie Dream High Waist Pinafore Dress 24,624 yen

Patisserie Dream Apron Skirt 21,384 yen

Patisserie Dream Mini Skirt 10,584 yen

*No preview available yet*
Dobby Stripe Frilled Blouse with Ribbon Tie 14,904 yen

Patisserie Dream Brimmed Headdress 5,400 yen

*No preview available yet*
Patisserie Dream Ribbon Alice Band 4,320 yen

*No preview available yet*

Frilled Wristband with Candy (set of 2) 2,376 yen

*No preview available yet*

Whipping Cream Over Knee High Socks 2,736 yen

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