May 13, 2015

Beware of replica Infanta dress

In Lolita fashion, replica is commonly seen especially towards the Japanese Lolita brand mainly because of high priced and limited supply to fulfill all demands. Recently we found that some of the mainstream fashion company actually replicated the Tangled series by Infanta, which is a Taobao indies Lolita brand from China.

(Both pictures on the left are the original design by Infanta, and the replica on the right.)
Not only they copy the print but also the whole design of the dress.

May 11, 2015

Neverland Lolita Special set

Neverland Lolita has recently released several of their original prints in special set. The price of Special set is cheaper compare to normal release and it comes with jumperskirt and headbow together. However, due to the special set are made from leftover fabrics, the sweep of the jumperskirt is slightly smaller than normal release one. In addition, the special set only comes with 3 main size in all colors.

Date: 10th May 2015
Series: Italian Stained Glass
Size: S/M/L
Color: White, Black, Red, Blue, Brown
Price(RMB): 298 (include JSK and headbow)
Reservation dateline: 14th May (11PM China time)
Arrival date: around middle to end of June

-Italian Stained Glass Special set reservation page-
As there are no other colors than blue is made as sample for special set, you may refer to the normal release of this series for color reference.

New Sailor series from Dear Celine

Dear Celine has announced on their weibo account about their latest Stripe Sailor series. The first batch reservation was on 9th of May and it is now completely sold out due to insufficient fabric. The second batch reservation will be up by next week after they restock the fabrics which are imported from Japan. Bow tie ribbon and waist tie are detachable. The dress also comes with small pocket on the side.

Date: 9th May (7pm China time)
Color: Green, Grey, Navy
Size: S/M/L/XL
Price(RMB):578 | Deposit(RMB):250
Arrival date: around June 2015

-Stripe Sailor One Piece reservation page-

There are two design for the headbow. One with stripe design (comes in green, grey and navy) which is same as the dress, another one in plain wine red color.Both headbows are not sold separately with the dress, which means you can only purchase the headbow when you buy the dress of stripe sailor series.
Price for headbow (RMB): 88

-Stripe headbow-
-Plain headbow-

On 10th May, Dear Celine posted up a reservation page for their re-release version of last year sailor series 海风轻吟.

April 27, 2015

[210415] Putumayo new release

Secret Garden skirt シークレットガーデンスカート
Color: Black X Black X Silver , Bordeaux X Black X Gold , Purple X Black X Black
Price: 17,064 yen (tax incl.)

Secret Garden Cardigan シークレットガーデンカーデ
Color: Black X Silver , Black X Bordeaux ,Navy X Silver
Price: 10584 yen (tax incl.)

Secret Garden cutsew シークレットガーデンカットソー
Color: White X Black, Grey X Black, Black X Silver, Black X Bordeaux
Price:7,452 yen (tax incl.)

PUTUMAYO_53240016f (1)PUTUMAYO_53240016b (1)
Secret Garden 2-way One Piece シークレットガーデン2wayワンピ
Color: Black X Black X Silver, Bordeaux X Black X Gold, Navy X Black X Silver, Purple X Black X Silver
Price: 15,984 yen (tax incl.)

(Source: Putumayo homepage)

April 26, 2015

[180415] Angelic Pretty Melty Berry Princess

Series: Melty Berry Princess
Colorway: White, Red, Pink
Release date: 18th Apr@12pm (Japan time)

Although the series is completely sold out on the online store, AP has made an annoucement for order production for this series. You may read the translate version here.



(Source: Angelic Pretty homepage)

[190415] Angelic Pretty Order Production announcement

order production

Thank you for always showing your support for Angelic Pretty.
In regards to both recent released original print of:

  • Cherry Marguerite series
  • Melty Berry Princess series

Both of these series has receive highly favorable feedback from many customers, we truly appreciate all of the supports.

In addition, we wish to apologize to customer who are unable to get the items they want from the series.

Due to massive opinion received from customer, we plan to make both of these series to be resale in build-to-order.

For the details of build-to-order, more updates will be posted on Angelic Pretty homepage and other Angelic Pretty shop blogs.

We hope to receive your continued patronage on Angelic Pretty in the future.
(Source: Angelic Pretty homepage)

April 12, 2015

April 11, 2015

[290315] Krad Lanrate +The Venice carnival+ preview on Gift Show in Shanghai Fashion Show

Krad Lanrate +The Venice Carnival preview

Colorway: Red, Blue, Green, Black

*12/4/15 Preview update in black colorway.

*All pictures below credits to the photographer SNG_人间心光
所有与第十届Gift Show in 上海Lolita交流活动有关图纯粹分享非商业用途,如有侵权请告知,我会立即删除。谢谢

Preview for Citanul and Darkbox up coming series:

(Source: SNG_人间心光 weibo & Krad Lanrate weibo)

April 08, 2015

[060415] Preview on Ichigo Lolita long skirt

New gothic long skirt will be release by Ichigo Lolita this week. Not sure if this is a normal release or limited release(?) Will post up if there's any update from the seller.

(Source: Ichigo Lolita weibo)

[060415] Forest Tea Lolita Kodona coat and blouse

Forest Tea Kodona coat 
Colorway: *as picture
Size: S/M/L/XL
Order period: 6th Apr ~ 20th Apr
Arrival period: One month +
Price (RMB): Reservation 100 Full price 575

Forest Tea Kodona blouse
Colorway: *as picture
Size: S/M/L/XL
Order period: 6th Apr ~ 20th Apr
Arrival period: One month +
Price (RMB): Reservation 30 Full price 178

(Source: Forest Tea Lolita weibo)

[070415] Southern Wood Lolita 'La Ragazza di meditazione' series

Southern Wood Lolita 'La Ragazza di meditazione' series
Colorway: *as picture*
Size: S/M/L/XL (custom made available)
Price (RMB): Deposit 100 | Custom made deposit 130

Southern Wood Lolita 'La Ragazza di Meditazione' skirt full price reservation
Price (RMB): Full price reservation for skirt 268 custom made size 298

(Source: SouthernWood Lolita weibo)

April 06, 2015

[060415] Angelic Pretty Cherry Marguerite

Angelic Pretty Cherry Marguerite

Colorway: Pink, Mint, Lavender, Red
Release date: 11th April 12pm Japan time *to be confirm

(Source: Angelic Pretty homepage)

April 02, 2015

[010415] Neverland Lolita Holy Daughter series reservation

Neverland Lolita - 圣女与鸽子 Holy Daughter one piece

Colorway: Black, Wine, Apricot, Lavender
Size: S/M/L/XL/LL (Custom size available)
Price(RMB): Normal size ~ 458 Custom size ~ 498
*Note: The OP does not comes with shirring.

Neverland Lolita - 圣女与鸽子 Holy Daughter Jumperskirt 

Colorway: Black, Wine, Apricot, Lavender
Size: S/M (Custom size available)
Price(RMB): Normal size ~ 458 Custom size ~ 488
*Note: The jumperskirt comes with shirring at the back.

Neverland Lolita - 圣女与鸽子 Holy Daughter high waist jumperskirt

Colorway: Black, Wine, Apricot, Lavender
Size: S/M/L/XL/LL (Custom size available)
Price(RMB): Normal size ~ 428 Custom size ~ 458
*Note: The zipper is at the back of the dress. It does not have shirring at the back.

Neverland Lolita - 圣女与鸽子 Holy Daughter skirt

Colorway: Black, Wine, Apricot, Lavender
Size: S/M (Custom size available)
Price(RMB): 198

Neverland Lolita - 圣女与鸽子 Holy Daughter high waist skirt

Colorway: Black, Wine, Apricot, Lavender
Size: S/M (Custom size available)
Price(RMB): 238

Neverland Lolita - 圣女与鸽子 Holy Daughter bonnet
Neverland Lolita - 圣女与鸽子 Holy Daughter hair clip
Neverland Lolita - 圣女与鸽子 Holy Daughter headbow

Colorway: Black, Wine, Apricot, Lavender
Size: Free
Price(RMB): Bonnet ~ 98 Hair Clip ~ 38 Headbow ~ 68

(Source: Neverland Lolita weibo)