February 08, 2015

[050215] Chess Story Qi Lolita preview

*Updated 8th Feb*

Series: 雪舞回风 ~ 赤黄泉&照尘归
Brand: Chess Story x 花田兔子
Colorway: Red/Blue *refer to picture
Ready Stock available date: 7th Feb
Price (RMB): 
OP ~ 628 (Time limit special price) 648 (normal price)
Outer ~ 568(Time limit special price) 588 (normal price)
Head piece ~ 88
Shawl ~ 158
Handwarmer ~ 88

-Link to OP page-
-Link to Outer page-
-Link to head piece page-
-Link to shawl page-
-Link to handwarmer-

(Source: Chess Story weibo)

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