May 01, 2014

[010514] Pumpkin Cat 周年之礼的安可曲

Series name: 周年之礼的安可曲 (Direct translation will be The Encore of Anniversary Ceremony.)
Colorway: White, Pinkish orange, Black and Mystery navy(or Greyish purple)
Reservation period: 1st May~15th May
Deposit CNY200
OP CNY576 (pre-order price) CNY640 (ready stock)
JSK CNY486 (pre-order price) CNY576 (ready stock)
Blouse CNY200 (Reservation due date: 10th May)
*Accessories (eg: Bonnet and headbow will be available during the during final payment.)

Link to Taobao page:
One Piece

(Source: Pumpkin Cat Taobao)

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