April 12, 2014

How to register an account with Angelic Pretty new online shop

Oversea customer must go through Tenso online to purchase from AP website.
Make sure you already have an account with Tenso before you proceed. 

The new look of Angelic Pretty Online store!

Step1: To register an account, click 会員登録.

Then you will be directed to a page as below:-

Step 2: Fill in your login details. (Email address, password and mail magazine subscription.

Make sure you fill in everything above, then click the pink button to proceed to next page.

Step 3: Confirmation

Reconfirm the information you entered on previous page, then click "Register".
You will then directed this page after successfully registered.

After clicking the link given, you will be directed to a page to enter your shipping information.

Step 4: Enter shipping information 

Second row stated that you are require to enter your name in katakana form.
For example: Alice in katakana will be  アリス. (You may simply just look for translation website to translate your name ^_^)
Make sure you fill in both column with surname and last name,

The address part is where you input the Japan address given by Tenso. It can be obtained from Tenso "My Page" section.

Complete everything above then click the pink button again.
If it proceed successfully, congratulation! You are now registered!
The 500 shopping point is now credited to your account and you may start shopping now!

I hope this simple guideline here can help other lolitas to make an account with AP new website.
From my point of view, the new website is kind of a disappointment because the website is more beneficial to Japanese customer than Oversea customers. Even though the services charges is lower compare to the old English Japan store, but the payment method is not convenient as the only option for oversea is credit card.

Please do not hesitate to point me out if posted any wrong information here. Thank you for reading! ^_^

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