April 01, 2015

[270315] Infanta Oil Painting series

【Infanta.婴梵塔】Oil Painting Long JSK

Colorway: Ivory, Green, Brown
Size: M/L
Price(RMB): Normal price 568/ Discount price 510 (valid till 10th April)
Material: Chiffon, Polyester Cotton
*Note: The tassel waist tie is not included with the jumperskirt. It is given free for a first come first serve based. This is only available for a limited amount until while stock last.
The length of the strap can also be adjust according to preference.

【Infanta.婴梵塔】Oil Painting Vest JSK

Colorway: Brown
Size: S/M/L/XL
Price (RMB): Normal price 498 Discount price 448 (valid till 10th April)
Material: Velveteen, Polyester Cotton

[INFANTA.婴梵塔] Swan Lake's love blouse

Colorway: Ivory, Black, Maroon, Dark blue, Brown, Greenish blue, Light greenish blue
Size: S/M/L/XL
Price (RMB): 198
Material: Chiffon

[infanta.婴梵塔] Stripe blouse

Colorway: Wine, Navy
Price (RMB): 176
Material: Cotton

【Infanta.婴梵塔】Chiffon inner cloth lining

Colorway: Ivory, White, Wine, Brown, Dark blue
Size: Free
Price (RMB): 388
Material: Chiffon

(Source: Infanta Taobao )

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