May 11, 2015

Neverland Lolita Special set

Neverland Lolita has recently released several of their original prints in special set. The price of Special set is cheaper compare to normal release and it comes with jumperskirt and headbow together. However, due to the special set are made from leftover fabrics, the sweep of the jumperskirt is slightly smaller than normal release one. In addition, the special set only comes with 3 main size in all colors.

Date: 10th May 2015
Series: Italian Stained Glass
Size: S/M/L
Color: White, Black, Red, Blue, Brown
Price(RMB): 298 (include JSK and headbow)
Reservation dateline: 14th May (11PM China time)
Arrival date: around middle to end of June

-Italian Stained Glass Special set reservation page-
As there are no other colors than blue is made as sample for special set, you may refer to the normal release of this series for color reference.


(Source: Neverland Lolita taobao)