May 16, 2014

[160514] Innocent world Lotta series re-release

Series name: Revival Lotta series
Colorway: Pink x Pink, Blue x Pink
Material: Polyester
Feature: Detachable trim, Detachable waist tie, back shirring
(There're some difference between the old release with the new one. Check the 2009 Lotta series release here.)
Reservation date: 
VIP has a prior reservation privilege. VIP reservation can be done from both official Japanese official website and IW outlets. For now we have heard that the VIP reservation has closed. The official reservation date (for public) will be on next coming Friday (unconfirm source)
Price: (All excluding tax)
Jumperskirt - 27,800 yen
Headbow - 4,000 yen
Overknee socks - 3,300 yen

Link to reservation page: 
Revival Lotta jumperskirt
Revival Lotta headbow
Revival Lotta overknee socks

(Source: Innocent World online shop)

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