May 11, 2014

[110514] Alice and the Pirates Starlight carnival series

Series name: Starlight Carnival
Saxe blue/Orange x Off white ribbon x Gold lace
Navy/Pink x Navy ribbon x Gold lace
Black/Purple x Black ribbon x Gold lace
Red/Black x Black ribbon x Gold lace
Reservation period: 
16th May (Shop outlet reservation)
21st May (Online shop reservation)
Production period:
Item will be ready to ship around end of June ~ beginning of July.
One piece - 34,344 yen
Jumperskirt I - 31,104 yen
Jumperskirt II - 30,024 yen
Skirt - 21,384 yen
Bonnet - 14,904 yen
Headdress style headbow - 8,100 yen
Overknee socks - 2,376 yen
Lamé overknee socks - 2,592 yen
Cat mask necklace - 8,532 yen
Carnival Pearl choker - 9,612 yen
Maschera clip - 9,612 yen

-Link to Aatp reservation page- 

Print & color details

Starlight Carnival One Piece

Starlight Carnival Jumperskirt I

Starlight Carnival Jumperskirt II

Starlight Carnival Skirt

Starlight Carnival Bonnet

Starlight Carnival Headdress style headbow

Starlight Carnival Diamond overknee socks

Starlight Carnival Diamond lamé overknee socks

Cat mask necklace

Carnival pearl choker

Maschera clip

(Source: Alice and the Pirates homepage)

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