May 11, 2014

[100514] Angelic Pretty new items release!

Series name: Dreamy Color Gingham
Colorway: Pink x Mint / Yellow x Pink / Lavender x Sax / Black x Pink
Materials & Measurement (From AP online shop)
Body:Gingham broad (100% cotton)
Different fabrics: Gingham broad(100% cotton)
[Lace] Tulle Lace
[Size] Length: About 89cm
Bust: About 85~124cm
Waist: About 76~108cm (Some back shirring offers limited ease of fitting.)
Jumperskirt - 25,704 yen
Skirt - 15,984 yen

Dreamy Color Gingham Jumperskirt

Dreamy Color Gingham skirt

Angelic Pretty also uploaded other new items on their online shop.
-Click here to go to AP new arrival page- 

Lyrical Bunny rucksack (13,824 yen)

Drain Cherry Embroidery blouse (12,744 yen)

Drain Cherry necklace (4,104 yen)

(Source: Angelic Pretty homepage)

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