March 25, 2015

[250315] Cheval de bois The Forbidden Forset & ready stocks

【Cheval de bois】The Forbidden Forset headband + Veil set

Colorway: Black
Price (RMB): 150
Material use: Velvet flower, US lace gauze, Taiwan lace, pearls and Rhinestone.

Since the headdress is handmade, to ensure the quality the arrival date will be separated to different batch (6th April, 20th April and 8th May). The headband and veil are detachable. However, the back ribbon attached on the headband is fixed. You may request the seller to remove the ribbon if you want but price remain the same.

【Cheval de bois x 創】Original print -Bunny tea party- tights Ready Stock

Colorway: White x Gold/Wine Red x Gold/Navy x Gold/Black x Gold/Wine red x Silver
Size: M~XL
Height: 165cm below

【Cheval de bois x 創】-Sparrow's Shadow- tights Ready Stock

 Colorway: White x Silver/White x Gold/White x Black/Navy x Silver/Black x Gold/Wine Red x Gold
Thickness: 120D
Size: Free
Height: 150cm~172cm

(Source: Cheval de bois weibo)

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