May 21, 2014

[200514] BTSSB Talk! Talk! Usakumiya chan! Novelty Fair

With a purchase of 35,000 yen above during the novelty fair period, you will receive a new talking Usakumiya chan which is as the same size of the mini-mini rucksack. 
If you press Usakumya’s little tummy, it will make an adorable squeak♪


Talk! Talk! Usakumya chan! Novelty Fair♪

Event period: 
 May 23rd and until June 15th

For online store users, please take into consideration the following:
  • The novelty will be included in orders made starting May the 23th and will be taken as a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Only singular orders above 35,000yen (before tax and shipping) will participate on the fair.
  • Separate orders will not be taken into consideration (even if the combined total is above 35,000 yen).
  • Reservation items and regular items cannot be ordered or shipped together.
  • Sale items will not be taken into consideration for the total.

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