April 09, 2014

[090414] Angelic Pretty Crystal Dream Carnival announcement

AP has posted up an announcement regarding Crystal Dream Carnival series.

 "Thank you for always supporting Angelic Pretty. Due to massive inquiries received regarding Crystal Dream Carnival series, the release date is set on around the end of June ~ beginning of July. " 

Pardon my bad Japanese translation. ^_^; If there's any mistake please point out in the comment section. Thank you!

(Source: Angelic Pretty Homepage)


  1. I hope I do not bother with my questions :(
    then the tentative release date is in June and July?
    :( I hope it goes on sale in the online store :(

    Thanks for the info and sorry for my bad English
    greetings from Mexico :)

    1. As for now, the only information given by AP is that the release date is between end of June and beginning of July. Therefore, we can only predict the release date is among this period. No worries! We will post an update here if there is an actual date for the release! :D This series will be available on the online store for sure. :)

      I hope I answered your question here. Thank you for your comment and reading! ^_^