May 13, 2015

Beware of replica Infanta dress

In Lolita fashion, replica is commonly seen especially towards the Japanese Lolita brand mainly because of high priced and limited supply to fulfill all demands. Recently we found that some of the mainstream fashion company actually replicated the Tangled series by Infanta, which is a Taobao indies Lolita brand from China.

(Both pictures on the left are the original design by Infanta, and the replica on the right.)
Not only they copy the print but also the whole design of the dress.

The price of the replica version is cheaper at half the price than the original one, as infanta is selling at price of RMB548 and the replica one for only RMB279. If the price of the dress is a lot cheaper than the original price of the series, it could be suspicious.infanta rep8

When you look into the details of both version, it is easy to spot the differences between the original one with the replica's. The replica version of the dress has an overall cheaper look and feel to be a Lolita dress. Moreover, the original Infanta Tangled series comes with velvet ribbon accessories which is not included in the replicated version. Space between the print and frills on the bottom of the replica dress is slightly further comparing to the the original version.

infanta rep
The choice of lace on the replica version of the dress are poor in quality with cheaper finishing look than the original one. Infanta uses velvet ribbons for the front and plain ribbon for the back tie on the waist. The replica's one does not comes with shirring at the back.

infanta rep4infanta rep5
Here's a comparison of the used of lace for the bow on the replica version and the original version.
(Original on the left and replica on the right.)
infanta rep10infanta rep9

As replica usually made based on the Japanese Lolita brand series, which is shocking to found out that even indie brand's design are also being replicated nowadays. I suggest all Lolitas to be extra cautious not only in purchasing Japanese Lolita brand but also the indies Lolita brands on the Internet. Feel free to tell us if you know any other series from indie Lolita brand being replicated. ^_^


  1. Wow, their pictures are a dead giveaway too, from the way the chick is wearing the dress to the background. How dreadful.

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