May 06, 2014

An important message about Lolita brand replicas

Previously, I have seen some people scamming money by selling replicas in price of the authentic one. (Especially Angelic Pretty Star Night theater by OoJia). Even though myself has nothing against replica dresses, I figured I should write a post to warn other lolitas out there regarding a new replica shop that I have found recently.

Unlike OoJia and Dream of Lolita, this new replica shop make the dress as similar as the authentic one in terms of lace, fabric, cutting and of course the print. All dresses are made based on 1:1 scale as they actually buy the authentic one and copy it.

I don't know how to translate the name of the shop in English. The chinese name is 瑞青鸟精品服饰, which I google translated it as Swiss blue bird? Do correct me ^_^;

Can you identify the real and fake Angelic Pretty Melty Cream Donut?

Here's a comparison picture of both real and fake Melty Cream Donut made by the replica shop.

Other comparison on details:

They even replicate the donut lace from the original one. 

Inner lining (inner skirt)

Velvet ribbon (The replica has a darker color ribbon.)

This shop also previously made replicas of Angelic pretty Holy Lantern series and Carnival Unicorn coat.
(Replica on the left, original AP stock photo on the right)

The shop also plan to make replicas of other series:-
~ AP Sweetie Violet
~ AP Wonder Queen
~ AP Radiant Candlelight
~ BTSSB Micheal's blessing

and more coming soon...

Before you pay for your dream dress, is better if you do some research to find whether there's any shop that produced replicas of that particular series. Usually price of a replica dress is around 200~400 CNY. Be extra careful of seller who set price a little lower than market price.
I hope this post will help other lolitas out there to gain awareness on replica prints and reduce the numbers of money scamming case in Lolita fashion world. :)

P/s: Pardon my bad english ^_^; Please do not hesitate to point out my mistakes. Thank you!


  1. Please don't share the taobao links, it'll only draw more people to the shop ;________;

  2. Links direct to the taobao shop has been removed. I saw the discussion on Facebook. Do let me know again if you need me to sensor the link on the picture. Thank you ^_^

  3. I'm sorry, why would you sensor the links, I don't understand. You can't be saying please don't bring in more people into lolita, are you?

    1. Hello Queenofs2s, ^^
      The reason why I have all the link censored is because these shops are making a replica of the original Japanese Lolita brand designs and prints. Therefore in order to prevent scammers from purchasing the replicas from these shop and selling it in a price of the authentic one, some Lolita suggested me not to show the link of the shop. :)

      Thank you.

  4. oh ok thanks. I was also wondering if there is any chance of english communication with that shop. I only see it all in japanese. I suppose shopping service, then?

    1. Hello Queenofs2s,
      Hmm which shop you referring to? The shop link on the images will direct you to a China Taobao Shop, which you will need shopping service to help you make purchase. ^^

      Thank you.

  5. i don't understand something
    if they make an exact replica, is it bad to buy from them or are they scammers ?
    i'm a bit confused

    1. Hello dear,

      Whether to get a replica or authentic dress is based on perception of different individuals. As one authentic dress usually cost around triple the price of a replica, some Lolita will consider buying replica because it is cheaper. But previously, there are cases that people scam money by selling the replica dress in the price of the authentic one.
      I hope my explanations here answered your question and sorry for my poor English. > <

      Thank you and have a nice day! :)

  6. Can you do the side by side comparison of the real & replica of the Angelic Pretty Cream Cookie Collection

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